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At Home With Marni Jameson: Elevate Your Flower Arrangement Game With These 12 Tips Home & Garden

Add a seasonal touch. When you put flowers in a clear vase, spruce up the water with fall crab apples, winter cranberries, and summer citrus slices. This fall, elevate a boring mom’s bouquet by nesting in tiny bouquets of colorful cauliflower or fall leaves, King said. Glass stones and pebbles deposited in clear containers can also add color, texture and interest.

Choose alternative containers. An interesting vase will automatically improve the design, Rittner said. Collect several pretty cut vases above the mason jars. Look for a wine cooler or soup tureen in your cookware. Prevent leaking containers from leaking by inserting a clear vase, thin plastic liner, or even a plastic bag into the container.

Get connected. Whether you have bouquets of hydrangeas, roses, sunflowers, or a mixed bouquet, you can never go wrong adding “branchy stuff,” said Rittner. Curly willow, birch branch, kiwi vine, or eucalyptus will instantly make an arrangement look bigger and more interesting.

Arrange in hand. For a natural “hand-picked” look, arrange flowers in your hand, Rittner said. Place flowers on a palm and hold them like a bouquet. Adjust them until you like the mixture. Secure the stems with a pipe cleaner or raffia. Then cut the stems and immerse them in water.

Don’t be afraid of the foam. Foam-based compositions allow you to put flowers wherever you want and keep them there. Soak the floral foam in water for five minutes and cut it to fit snugly in your container. If you let it protrude a half inch or more above the edge, you can add stems horizontally. As you push the stems into the moss, keep the freshly cut stem low and gently push it into the wet moss. Do not hold the rod high or pinch it or you may obstruct it.

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